Blue Yeti (blueyeti) wrote in hp_podslash,
Blue Yeti

Lydia Bennet's Changeling [All Ages; Gen; Fred-centric]

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Title: Changeling
Author: lydiabennet
Reader: blueyeti
Summary: Fred wants a dog more than anything, and he'll do anything to get one. Anything at all.
File Type: mp3
Length: 14:02 (12.8 MB)
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Comment to Author: At Lydia Bennet's original post

Why you should listen:
1. 14 minutes is perfect entertainment while waiting for that friend who is always late.
2. Changeling plays with magic the same way JKR does, with imagination and flippancy. Magic is real magic, and obliviate from a child's pov is very boring magic indeed.
3. The underlying concept is a w00bie.

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Popping the podfic cherry with this one. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. And guess my accent.

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