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Podfic: The Pensieve Project

Gorgeous cover art made by deirdre_aithne

Title: The Pensieve Project
Author: curiouslyfic
Reader: Lorcalon (aka uniquepov)
Betas and Cheerleaders: fire_juggler, deirdre_aithne, khasael, teas_me, celestlyn and, of course, curiouslyfic
Pairing: Draco & Neville genfic; nominally Harry/Draco. Nominally.
Author's Rating: PG-13
Author's Warnings: None
Author's Summary: Of the 116 Hogwarts students who took part in the final battle, only five are officially invited to the Ministry's first annual memorial. For everyone else, there's the Pensieve Project.
Length: 57:24 (approx 7k wordcount)
Cover Art: the incredibly talented deirdre_aithne
Link to Text: here
Temporary Link to Mediafire Downloads: mp3 || m4b

Reader's post here.

In addition to the fic, there is also a DVD Commentary post featuring curiouslyfic's thoughts on the fic, as well as deleted scenes!!
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