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Specific fic titles ALL
Fandom(s): HP, mainly Remus/Sirius and other Marauder-era pairings, but other stuff, too.
Rating: Everything from PG to porny
URL: complete archive
Comments: I'd do them myself, but I don't really have the time, and I'm not terribly confident in my reading voice. However, if someone else wants to take on one or two of them, I would be very flattered.
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Help Somalia

I jumped on the bandwagon and am now offering 1 5,000-word podfic for helpsomalia in the following fandoms:
  • Harry Potter
  • Kradam
  • Merlin (BBC)
  • Merlin (BBC) RPF
  • Star Trek Reboot
  • Sherlock (BBC)
  • Supernatural
  • Supernatural RPF
  • Thor (2011)
Bidding starts at $5.

The auctions will close on Saturday, October 8th at approximately 5pm GMT.

Sample Podfic: "Prince Goldilocks" by rotrude

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Podfic: The Pensieve Project

Gorgeous cover art made by deirdre_aithne

Title: The Pensieve Project
Author: curiouslyfic
Reader: Lorcalon (aka uniquepov)
Betas and Cheerleaders: fire_juggler, deirdre_aithne, khasael, teas_me, celestlyn and, of course, curiouslyfic
Pairing: Draco & Neville genfic; nominally Harry/Draco. Nominally.
Author's Rating: PG-13
Author's Warnings: None
Author's Summary: Of the 116 Hogwarts students who took part in the final battle, only five are officially invited to the Ministry's first annual memorial. For everyone else, there's the Pensieve Project.
Length: 57:24 (approx 7k wordcount)
Cover Art: the incredibly talented deirdre_aithne
Link to Text: here
Temporary Link to Mediafire Downloads: mp3 || m4b

Reader's post here.

In addition to the fic, there is also a DVD Commentary post featuring curiouslyfic's thoughts on the fic, as well as deleted scenes!!
Podfic Time


I figured that since I will be gone on vacation until August 12th I should post all of my finished podfics that I just have not gotten around to putting up yet! There are quite a few and I have 4 more that have been recorded but are not completely edited yet... Please let me know if any of the links don't work and I will try to fix them as soon as I get back... Don't forget to comment & ENJOY!


Title: The Victors
Author: tieleen
Reader: froggyfun365
Link to text: HERE
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Length: 03:35 (03.28 MB), 520 words
Notes: Goes AU after book five. ~ On June Twentieth, after he defeats the Dark Lord, Harry goes back to Hogwarts on the train. Harry and the long war.
Link to streaming & mp3 download: SENDSPACE or BOX


Title: Into the Unknown
Author: kastaka
Reader: froggyfun365
Link to text: HERE
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Gen (hints at Draco/Hermione)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 12:39 (11.5 MB), 2,093 words
Notes: Written and recorded for the pod_together challenge
Link to streaming & mp3 download: SENDSPACE or BOX

Podfic: Blessing & Extracurricular (written by, beathen)

Title: Blessing
Author: beathen
Reader: sly_hostetter
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG (mpreg)
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Summary: Harry and Severus' points of view when they wake.
Length: 0:02:05 (1.91 MB / mp3)


Title: Extracurricular
Author: beathen
Reader: sly_hostetter
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Summary: McGonagall finds Harry and Severus in a compromising situation.
Length: 0:01:45 (1.6 MB / mp3)

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Podfic - 'Trade', HP/Alias nonmagical AU

TITLE: Trade
AUTHOR: Hackthis
FANDOM: Harry Potter/Alias (nonmagical AU)
PAIRINGS: Various (slash)
DURATION: 7 hours
FORMATS: mp3, m4a, audiobook

Yes, it's an AU crossover of two fandoms which aren't particlarly active any more - but I'm still tremendously fond of this story, and it was fun to finish off, and even if you don't realise that you need an HP/Alias AU crossover in your life, you may well be surprised by how much you actually DO.

See, back when I was watching Alias I was DELIGHTED by the introduction of Julian Sark. De. Ligh. Ted. Because he was awesome, and because he was basically Fanon!Draco, which was just entertaining as hell.

The delightful hackthis was not content to think: "OMFG, Fanon!Draco on my TV screen!" Nope, she followed this thought and concluded that there must be a Harry Potter/Alias crossover. It's a nonmagical AU in which the Malfoys...well, they run a very high class escort agency. I know - crack, right? Shiny AU Crossover Crackfic! It's a very satisfyingly tangled plot, with interesting relationships, great banter and saucy hot bits, but what makes it truly fabulous is (a) Hackthis knows London inside out, despite being back in the US these days, and she really creates a fantastic sense of place and time - London is almost a character in its own right; (b) OMFG, the clever clever way she ties these canons together, I can't even...

I think if you've never been into either Harry Potter or Alias, this story stands beautifully on its own two feet and doesn't require any knowledge of the source texts. If you're familiar with either of them, it's even more fun, with its brittle, cranky, camp, pragmatic, slightly broken and fabulously foul-mouthed Chelsea-fan fashion snob protagonist busy running a not-exactly-legal business, dealing with his fabulously functional (if far from nuclear) family and negotiating the perils of friendship, sex, lies, spies and newspaper scandals on the way to falling head over heels in love.

If you're a rabid Harry/Draco OTP-er, this possibly isn't the story for you. Draco's love life is complicated, but never dull. Oh! Also, the story was written back when we finally knew Blaise Zabini's gender, but had no idea what he looked like yet. Turns out canon made him HOTTER than fanon - how often does that happen? But this Blaise is entirely splendid in his own right.
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Podfic: 'Old Country', by Astolat, SPN/Harry Potter, NC17

Aaaaand another one!

TITLE: Old Country
AUTHOR: Astolat
DURATION: about 3 1/2 hours
FORMAT: Available at the archive in MP3, M4A and Audiobook, courtesy of the lovely Cybel (above link takes you to the M4a version)
FANDOM: Supernatural/Harry Potter
SUMMARY: Sam and Dean go to Hogwarts. Spoilers for Deathly Hallows and All Hell Breaks Loose. (Prompted by the following assertion: Dean is a Hufflepuff who thinks he's a Gryffindor. Sam is a Slytherin who thinks he's a Ravenclaw: Discuss.)

Note: This story IS Wincest, and as such I can understand non-Wincest people eschewing it - BUT, if you're fond of Harry Potter and of SPN, it's still well worth reading, because the 'shippy bit is only a very small part of the story, and the first time I read it I just sort of fastforwarded through that bit. The whole thing of Dean being in Hufflepuff and Sam in Ravenclaw, and the stuff with the Impala, and the goblins, and the unicorn, and the inherited Slytherin mansion...there's an awful lot to love about this story, and the bowmchikabowmbowm bit is only very brief. Mostly it reads as Gen.

Other Note: God, I'm so sorry about McGonagall's accent. I went to St Andrews University, ffs. For FOUR YEARS. I really should be able to pull off Scottish. But apparently not.

Lydia Bennet's Changeling [All Ages; Gen; Fred-centric]

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Title: Changeling
Author: lydiabennet
Reader: blueyeti
Summary: Fred wants a dog more than anything, and he'll do anything to get one. Anything at all.
File Type: mp3
Length: 14:02 (12.8 MB)
Permanent Link:

Comment to Author: At Lydia Bennet's original post

Why you should listen:
1. 14 minutes is perfect entertainment while waiting for that friend who is always late.
2. Changeling plays with magic the same way JKR does, with imagination and flippancy. Magic is real magic, and obliviate from a child's pov is very boring magic indeed.
3. The underlying concept is a w00bie.

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